ABU Lavender

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ABU Lavender

Wearing Purple Never Smelled so Good!

Softness, a relaxing scent, and super absorbency are features that don’t come in your regular, run of the mill diaper. Here at ABU, we specialize in exceeding expectations for anyone who desires a diaper with extra-awesome features. Introducing ABU Lavender, a gentler approach to premium padding!

Lavender is a premium diaper made for babies wanting a softer side without compromising leak protection. With swirling purples, pink and blue designs that surround our all plastic feminine print, and special butterfly shaped wetness indicator, any girly girl, or boy, will be able to relax and enjoy staying padded and dry without worries!

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ABU Lavender Diaper Features

NOTICE: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause issues with glues across our diaper brands; including joints, seams, tape panels, tapes and inks on our diapers with external prints. To maximize your enjoyment of ABU diapers we suggest you use these sparingly and avoid external application. ABU does not cover damages resulting from oils/lotions.

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