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Thrust Vector

Better Dry Day (Level 7)

Better Dry Day (Level 7)

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Classic white crinkle goodness-slimmer and reduced capacity!

BetterDry Adult incontinence diapers are from Thrust Vector Ltd., an EU based premium adult diaper company committed to packing their products to the brim with quality and exceptional details. With the same high-end build quality, plain white design and fit in a more streamlined product than the original '10' night diapers which still holds a 'real-world' 750ml of liquid (ISO test 2600ml), BetterDry day/7 adult diapers are a great choice for anyone seeking premium incontinence protection. 20 diapers per pack in Medium, 18 for Large. 

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Choose your size based on your waist and hip measurement.
The larger measurement should be used to select your size to ensure proper fit.

Diaper Details

Tall Leakguards
Fast Absorb Core
Front Elastic Band
Back Elastic Band
*Capacity varies by size

Print Design

Print Coverage
Print Style
Ink Layer
Fade When Wet
NOTICE: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause issues with glues across our diaper brands; including joints, seams, tape panels, tapes and inks on our diapers with external prints. To maximize your enjoyment of ABU diapers we suggest you use these sparingly and avoid external application. ABU does not cover damages resulting from oils/lotions.

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