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ABU TinyTails VAT Free

ABU TinyTails VAT Free

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ABU's Balloon Buddies Soar High In Our Fuzziest Release Yet, TinyTails!

ABU is proud to present our newest release, a furry themed diaper like never before! We went all out on this one, no ifs, ands or buts about it. We’ve got a Plastic-Backed Positional Printed Diaper overflowing with balloons, rainbows and fuzzy delights sure to tickle your tummy with joy. ABU’s TinyTails Diapers have now arrived in the UK you can waddle your days away as the New Year puppy, cub, kit or kaboodle in these bright and beaming diapers. 

TinyTails new All-Over Bag-Wrap will make you feel even more little when opening your adorable adult diapers! A bag designed with details and games, sure to push buttons when perusing your closet and seeing a rainbow burst of crinkly delight staring back at you. TinyTails is designed by Aito, one of ABU's Furry artists and the creator of another beloved diaper that has worked its peeking faces into the community's hearts, PeekABU! We are pleased to present a colorful canvas of fuzzy glee we hope will bring out the little cub in all of you!

We can’t wait to get your cute little bottoms, fuzzy or otherwise; wrapped up in ABU's first Plastic Backed Positional Printed Diaper, complete with our first ever, immersive, All-Over Bag Wrap design.

Wanna learn more about the awesome potential of Positional Printing? Click Here to check out our article from when we revealed it to the world with Little Kings and AlphaGatorZ

As well as presenting a brilliant bunch of cute new critters to the community, TinyTails continues ABU’s mission to innovate and develop the worlds best diapers for crinklebutts everywhere. TinyTails is based on our most inclusive chassis, fitting just like LittlePawz and Space, but with some awesome enhancements. A new soft plastic specifically selected for it's texture to evoke a sense of calm. This alongside an incredible boosted core with 7,500ml capacity and quick wicking ADL, to keep the sogg monsters under control! We also have our the tallest leak guards ever! Little leaks don't stand a chance with these cloudy diapers that are as absorbent as they are poofy!

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Choose your size based on your waist and hip measurement.
The larger measurement should be used to select your size to ensure proper fit.

S 63cm - 79cm
M 79cm - 91cm
L 91cm - 112cm
XL 112cm - 132cm

Diaper Details

Tall Leakguards
Fast Absorb Core
Front Elastic Band
Back Elastic Band
*Capacity varies by size

Print Design

Print Coverage
All Over
Print Style
Ink Layer
Fade When Wet
NOTICE: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause issues with glues across our diaper brands; including joints, seams, tape panels, tapes and inks on our diapers with external prints. To maximize your enjoyment of ABU diapers we suggest you use these sparingly and avoid external application. ABU does not cover damages resulting from oils/lotions.

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